Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In Room 14 we have been making some swords on a big piece of paper.
1st we did the practice.
2nd we made it on a big piece of paper.
3rd we drew vivid over the outline.
4th we painted it!
By Dannielle.

My Castle

My Castle

On Saturday I told my dad that room 14 is learning about Medieval Times. My dad said that we could make a castle for the class to see how it looks.

On Sunday, my dad and me went to Bits and Bots. My dad spotted a jigsaw puzzle. My dad called me and on the box we found a picture of the Taj Mahal, it is a famous castle in India. We bought it and we started to build it. It was very tricky. It was made out of regefoam so my dad and me had to be very careful. We had to bend some bits because the Taj Mahal is a round castle.


From Sauajniah

Castle Art With Mrs. Craig

Every Thursday after bible room14 we go to room15 (Mrs Craig) to do art. Right now we are learning about medieval ties as our topic and discovery learning. So
with Mrs Craig we are doing CASTLE ART! Check them out!

From this...

By Georgia and this! Jasmine!

Medieval Times

People had wars in the medieval times because they wanted money and the land from the other kingdom. They would fight for better land.

We have been learning about medieval times and I am enjoying it because I have always wanted to know about the past.

By Tamryn

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Announcing - our new blog!

Saujaniah's model!

Welcome to
Room 14's blog!

Abi's garden pet!

We have been practicing how to write our own blogs and discovered that it is much like a diary so here goes our first attempt at blogging!

Saujaniah brought in her model to show the class - her dad has helped her to create a wonderful model of the Taj Mahal in India. She was inspired by our Medieval castles and we compared the things that are alike and different.

From the nature files, we had Abi who brought in her pregnant praying mantis and showing us how to take care of her. Professor Abi knows so much about the things of nature that we may have to ask her to do a 'nature blog' entry often, just so we can keep up with her!
And last, but by no means least for this entry, the fantastic news that we have in Room 14 the 2010 Point View's Got Talent winner - Brooke Davies, who aerobic-danced her way to victory this afternoon - we are sooooo proud of you Brooke!

Anyway, welcome again and remember to watch this space each
week as we endeavour to keep you up to date with the daily life of Room 14!

Brooke - 2010 Champ of Point View's Got Talent!