Monday, June 14, 2010

What Next..?

Check this out Room 14 - a fantastic way for us to see how our learning is going!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Museum!

Dinosaur Fever!

Rooms 14 & 13 went to the Auckland Museum today to learn all about fossils and dinosaurs. We had an awesome time! Watch this space over the next week as we write about what we learnt!

Medieval Feast!

This week there was much feasting in The Great Hall at Point View as we shared a magnificent Medieval Banquet with Rooms 15 & 16. We wore henin and crowns that we hand-made and cooked tarts, cinnamon bread and other Medieval food.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Great Fire Of London - by Kaitlin Ross

In 1666, in London, there was a baker called Thomas Faynor. Thomas left the fire on that he was using to cook the bread for the king. When he went to bed upstairs, some of the wood burnt so it caused a fire.
So they used fire-hooks to pull down the houses. They used the buckets to put the fire out but it was too hard because the houses had thatched roofs and there was a strong wind.
So the fire went on for 4 days and only 4 people died because there was a river in the middle of London so some people escaped by boat.

Pteranodons by Zac,Nathan and Micah


It had a large brain so it was intelligent.


Most of the time it was in the air to avoid predators.

Sharp claws helped protect it from predator.


Pteradons lived in the time of the dinosaurs butThey are not a dinosaur or bird.


Their main defence was flying.

Pteranodons were flying reptiles.

The pteranodons flew well because it was light.

Their wings was mainly for gliding.

Their wingspan was 7.3 m.

Wings flapped like a bird.


Pteranodons are carnivores so they are meat eaters.


Pteranodons probably hunted fish, scooping fish out of water like a pelican.

They swallowed fish whole.

They had good eyesight for catching fast swimming fish.

They look like a pelican.

Swimming Champ!

On Friday last week I went to my swimming club's prizegiving. I got two trophies, but I don't get to keep them. I only get to keep them for 1 year. I also got a Honda cap that I caught at the beginning when they threw thing out to catch. I got two certificates to go with the trophies.
On Sunday I went to the Counties Manukau Prize-Giving and I received a certificate for the 8 years and under girls (second place).
By Grace

Plateosaurus - By Grace Chang & Abigail Low

Plateosaurus were herbivores, which meant it ate plants. It might have swallowed some rocks to help digest food in its stomach. Plateosaurus had weak leaf-shaped teeth and its teeth were very sharp. They used their teeth to tear tough leaves from plants. They lived in dry environments like deserts. They walked on 4 muscular legs and their back legs were bigger than their front legs. They probably reared up on their hind legs to reach tall plants that they couldn’t reach. They had large hands with 5 fingers and they may have used their hands for grasping and walking. They had short claws that were not very good for defence against bigger predators, but they had big claws on their thumb. They had a small head, a long neck, a long snout and a VERY long tail. They were not intelligent and they were about 8 metres long.

Queen For The Day!

We are having a Medieval Feast in the Great Hall next week. We have invited our school royalty - Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Hibberd and Mrs. Fischer. Miss Pirie will be appearing our 'special guest' this space! Here are some pix of the Royal Letter Bearers giving the official invitations and henin to our royals!


We made pottage last week and even tasted some with bread rolls. We all helped to slice and dice the ingredients - we were amazed at how many of us had never tried some of the veggies! We put celery, leek, cabbage, water, stock, pepper, salt, onion and parsnips in and left the pot cooking for several hours.
Check out the photos of us munching our way through the pottage...yum!

Braeden has been awarded some trophies for his amazing achievements at BMX riding. He trains every week and has even been to the Nationals this year. Congratulations Braeden from all of us in Room 14!