Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pteranodons by Zac,Nathan and Micah


It had a large brain so it was intelligent.


Most of the time it was in the air to avoid predators.

Sharp claws helped protect it from predator.


Pteradons lived in the time of the dinosaurs butThey are not a dinosaur or bird.


Their main defence was flying.

Pteranodons were flying reptiles.

The pteranodons flew well because it was light.

Their wings was mainly for gliding.

Their wingspan was 7.3 m.

Wings flapped like a bird.


Pteranodons are carnivores so they are meat eaters.


Pteranodons probably hunted fish, scooping fish out of water like a pelican.

They swallowed fish whole.

They had good eyesight for catching fast swimming fish.

They look like a pelican.

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