Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plateosaurus - By Grace Chang & Abigail Low

Plateosaurus were herbivores, which meant it ate plants. It might have swallowed some rocks to help digest food in its stomach. Plateosaurus had weak leaf-shaped teeth and its teeth were very sharp. They used their teeth to tear tough leaves from plants. They lived in dry environments like deserts. They walked on 4 muscular legs and their back legs were bigger than their front legs. They probably reared up on their hind legs to reach tall plants that they couldn’t reach. They had large hands with 5 fingers and they may have used their hands for grasping and walking. They had short claws that were not very good for defence against bigger predators, but they had big claws on their thumb. They had a small head, a long neck, a long snout and a VERY long tail. They were not intelligent and they were about 8 metres long.

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  1. Hi Grace and Abigail. Damon had me looking around other classes blogs and we found your work on the Dino. Great information and spelling. Very interesting that an animal as big and scary looking could be not very intelligient. Have you checked out Rm 31's blog and wiki spaces? Hope you had a great long weekend. Damon's Mum