Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Great Fire Of London - by Kaitlin Ross

In 1666, in London, there was a baker called Thomas Faynor. Thomas left the fire on that he was using to cook the bread for the king. When he went to bed upstairs, some of the wood burnt so it caused a fire.
So they used fire-hooks to pull down the houses. They used the buckets to put the fire out but it was too hard because the houses had thatched roofs and there was a strong wind.
So the fire went on for 4 days and only 4 people died because there was a river in the middle of London so some people escaped by boat.


  1. Hi Kaitlin and Rm 14! Great recount of scary times. Would you want to be Thomas Faynor??? Makes you realise how great modern plumbing and fire fighters are. Well done with your writing.
    From Damon's Mum!

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